Hydration Therapy

Hydration Therapy

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Many people suffer from dehydration, and not just in the summer when heat is at its highest. People First Urgent & Primary Care offers hydration therapy for residents of Millington, Tennessee to treat dehydration, as well as a number of other conditions related to it.

Hydration Therapy Q & A

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What is hydration therapy?

Hydration therapy has been proven effective for treating and preventing a wide variety of conditions associated with dehydration, poor nutrition, infections, and excessive stress. The process uses an intravenous (IV) line to introduce fluids into the body in order to treat a specific condition. The fluids can be pure water, a mix of saline and water, or a solution infused with essential nutrients. They are delivered directly into the bloodstream, enabling maximum absorption into the body.

Who typically gets IV hydration & rejuvenation?

Life can get hectic, sometimes causing the system to become vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, and illness. Those with busy schedules tend to not drink enough water or get proper nutrition from meals, and they use hydration therapy as rejuvenation. The physical training athletes endure often pushes their bodies to the limit. This level of training demands athletes to continuously replenish the body with pure water and quality nutrients so that training, competing, and recovery can resume at an optimal level. A hydrating and nourishing IV can help boost performance, increase strength, reduce fatigue, build endurance, and speed up recovery time.

Can hydration therapy help with illness?

Yes. Often, when people aren’t feeling well, they usually lack the essential nutrients they need to help strengthen the immune system. A hydrating and nourishing IV can quickly hydrate and rejuvenate, speeding up recovery time towards improved health. Hydration therapy can also help with dehydration that is induced from illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Is hydration therapy helpful for a ‘hangover’?

Hydration therapy is also beneficial to fighting off the after effects of a hangover from consuming too much alcohol. If you are feeling poorly from drinking too much alcohol, a nourishing and hydrating IV, containing fluids with vitamins and minerals, can reduce or eliminate the discomfort and duration of the dreaded hangover. People First Urgent & Primary Care Clinic in Millington, TN is proud to offer hydration therapy!

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